Tips for Improving Verbal Communication/Speaking Skills

We need to converse with the people around us to survive and to lead a more fulfilling life. The reason why language exists is our need to communicate between humans.

Communication means the exchange of information between two people or a group of people. When we engage in verbal conversation we socialize and stand out more in a crowd. In this article, you will learn some ways to improve your verbal communication skills.

What is Verbal Communication?

Verbal communication is the conversation between two people or a group of people who share the same language. Verbal communication is all about the words or sentences that you use to describe something to someone. 

Verbal communication skills are not limited to just talking, the way you deliver and use words in a conversation is also part of speaking skills. It is also related to how you interpret the conversation in your mind.

Many forms of verbal communication are vital for the exchange of information.

  1. Intrapersonal communication: This form of communication is when you have a conversation with yourself. The sender and receiver are yourself and your mind.
  1. Interpersonal communication: This type of verbal communication is when there is a conversation between two people. The sender and receiver both change from time to time.
  1. Group Communication: Verbal communication between groups of people. This can be a meeting or a get-together.
  1. Public Communication: This form of verbal communication takes place when an individual is talking to a big audience or crowd.

Each form of communication requires a different way of choosing words, tone, and pitch. An individual needs to judge the difference between the choice of words.

Having good verbal communication skills is one of the biggest strengths of an individual. When you go for a job interview, they test your verbal communication skills a lot, and those with good skills can get the job easily.

Tips for Improving Verbal Speaking Skills

Spending time on improving verbal speaking skills can be very beneficial for future careers, as well as for job employment. Here are some tips on how you can improve your verbal communication skills

1.  Active Listening

The most important tip for verbal speaking skills is to have the patience to listen to the sender carefully. Instead of contemplating how you can reply to the person, you should be an active listener. By active listening, you hear and can interpret how to reply quickly.

Active listening also makes the other person feel that they are being heard, so they feel good when having a conversation.

2. Be Open-Minded

In verbal communication, it is important to be open-minded and to listen to others’ opinions patiently. When you are having a conversation with someone they should not feel that they are being judged by you.

So always be open-minded about what other people think, after all, every person thinks differently. The key is to have a dialogue in spite of the differences.

3. Gestures and Tone

Gestures are non-verbal, but they are equally important for verbal communication skills. Always try to use gestures when you are talking, you can use your hand or even eyebrows. Be more expressive so that people can understand you better.

Similarly, the tone of your voice should also vary based on what kind of conversation you are having. The key is to express your emotions rightfully through the tone of your voice.

4.  Be Clear when speaking

When communicating, your message must be sent with clarity, so that the other person doesn’t get confused. Practice making your speaking skills clear and hearable. Some people tend to speak too fast or jumble words a lot. Practice by talking to as many people as possible.

Speaking in clear language also helps in giving a good impression to the hearer.

5. Be Confident

Confidence is the key to good verbal communication skills. You should have confidence that your opinion matters. So practice being confident by having conversations and meeting new people.

Final Words

Remember that practice makes perfect. Simply reading an article cannot help you in improving your verbal communication skills. Practice is the key to improvement. You have to implement these tips in daily conversations with people you are comfortable with so that when you are in a conversation with a stranger, you have the confidence to use the right verbal communication skills.

Written By: Nimra Javed

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