Bullying is unwanted, negative, and aggressive behavior among students. It can affect their mental and physical health and eventually their personality as a whole. It can be very degrading to students at a very delicate time in their lives.

“Bullies cause depression, depression causes suicide. Are you a murderer?”


There are three kinds of bullying:

  • Verbal bullying

Verbal bullying includes teasing, taunting, or threatening someone.

  • Social bullying

Social bullying includes telling children not to be friends with a particular person or embarrassing someone in public.

  • Physical bullying

Physical bullying includes hurting a person by physically hitting them or damaging their property.

“The longer you remain positive, the stronger you become, positivity on the inside leads to real happiness and success on the outside.”

WHERE does bullying occur?

It can happen anywhere including schools, colleges or even the bus.

Ways to prevent bullying

Following are the ways that can help us in the prevention of bullying:

  • Ragging culture should be stopped.
  • There should be ‘Stop bullying campaigns’ in every school.
  • Student counselors are a must in every school who can handle these kinds of issues.
  • Build a positive environment in schools.
  • Bullying sometimes comes from strict parenting so we should focus on parenting too along with schooling.
  • We should understand children’s feelings and mindsets.
  • Students should know basic self-defense.
  •  They should learn not to ignore it and to do something about it.
  • Strict rules, regulations, and punishments regarding bullying.
  • Try to focus on your friends if they are loyal.
  • Teachers and school staff should be cooperative, supportive, and good listeners too.
  • Everyone should know the difference between teasing and bullying.
  •  Parents should be included in campaigns to deter bullying.
  •  Make a group of students who can deal with small affairs among students or who can become a relay between students and teachers.

“Bullying is never ok.”


Not only schools, everyone should play their role in the prevention of bullying as it can lead to depression and affect the mental health along with the physical health of victims in the long term. It can also shatter their confidence which has devastating consequences later in life. So it’s important to have a positive environment for students so they can learn, grow and flourish.

“Have a heart, lend a hand, to help a friend, stop bullying.”

Written By: Mishal Farwa

About the author:

I am Mishal Farwa doing Dr of physiotherapy (DPT). I want to explore more and want to polish my skills. I want to express my opinions through writing apart from that am a foodie and love watching dramas.

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