Nimra Javed

A Literature student who loves to read and write about her experiences while reading poetry or prose. My goal is to introduce you to the fascinating world of literature by shedding light on new and undiscovered writings. I’m known for being a good writer who puts much effort on emotions and feelings. Theatre is my greatest interest and I plan to write my own play someday!

Choosing The Correct Writing Instrument

Writing is one of the essential chores of life. Writing can be very easy if you have found the enjoyable writing instrument to work on. Many people still use traditional writing instruments for the sake of keeping its importance alive for years, while some do it because it suits them. With technological advancements, there have …

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Theatre: A possible gateway to Pakistani culture

Theatre has always been an important cultural phenomenon that integrates social cohesion and representation in the form of performance and acting. It has existed as an important source of entertainment, especially prior to the electronic entertainment era. Even today it is significant as it mirrors the culture of a society. Throughout history, it has been …

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