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Bullying is unwanted, negative, and aggressive behavior among students. It can affect their mental and physical health and eventually their personality as a whole. It can be very degrading to students at a very delicate time in their lives. “Bullies cause depression, depression causes suicide. Are you a murderer?” TYPES OF BULLYING: There are three …



For a doctor, it is extremely imperative that one not only seeks experience within their home country but also on an international level. In our search for gaining more experience, a lot of us set our eyes on NHS –UK. However, a lot of us wander around choosing different specialization pathways for abroad without having …

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Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life-Book Summary

In this summary, I would like to share with everyone the valuable lessons that I learned from the inspiring book, ‘IKIGAI -The Japanese Secret to a Long Happy Life’. The book is authored by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles. This book shares insights from the Japanese philosophy known as Ikigai. What is Ikigai? Ikigai is …

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Professional Behavior Towards Career

This topic is very close to all my dearest readers who are either progressing towards their graduation or are under a professional life umbrella. Here are a few words before actually diving into the core of the subject. This article has some beautiful fun facts that discuss career-oriented behavior, the importance of recognition amongst peers …

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How to Write Effectively in Plain Language

It is the wish of every writer to be absorbed in the eyes and heart of the audience so that not only their content but they themselves are remembered forever. People often strive to write in long sentences with complexity supported by enriched vocabularies. Surprisingly, this is not what modern critics value in writing. So …

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Corona Chronicles

The wheel of time keeps on turning. Today I opened my eyes unaware of what day it was. So far, quarantine seems unending, in a world that was not prepared for this pandemic. Today, I was wondering that when the pandemic will be over, watching anyone helpless and grieving would take me back to COVID-19 …

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