Corona Chronicles

The wheel of time keeps on turning. Today I opened my eyes unaware of what day it was. So far, quarantine seems unending, in a world that was not prepared for this pandemic. Today, I was wondering that when the pandemic will be over, watching anyone helpless and grieving would take me back to COVID-19 pandemic time. During this pandemic, many people sorrowfully watched their loved ones engulfed by the tornado of COVID-19. As a medical student, I felt the same way looking at patients I could not do anything for.

It’s hard to put a positive spin on this pandemic but there must be some. This pandemic has changed the world in a new way and has added a new dimension. At this time, it seems like the wreckage of a train careening down the track for years. The engine of capitalism had come to a juddering halt, temporarily perhaps, but at least long enough for us to examine its parts. It will help us to make an assessment and decide whether we want to fix it or look for a better engine.

This pandemic has made us realize that the money spent on health is an investment and not a burden. The International collaborations that have started after the pandemic are helping the world’s population. The revolution in the field of medical technology is kissing the skies of glory. Everyday news pops up about the mitigation of pandemic in some regions while at the same time worsening in some others. The Medical field is blessed with the infusion of enthusiasm to help the ones who are suffering. However, human rights violations, corruption, and most importantly, the greed of men are still there. Luxuries are confined within the walls of the upper-class. 

While roaming in the valley of thoughts, another idea swept across my mind, humans have destructively interfered with nature. This has turned the calming and caring nature around us to become ferocious and malicious. The start of the pandemic has affected the whole world directly or indirectly. Everyone has a fear of becoming another statistic of this pandemic. This all has made us stop for a moment and think about the purpose of existence. The race of getting more and more money and not caring about anyone around was creating a very selfish version of mankind. The excuse of time has doomed since the day this quarantine has struck us. So we all have started giving importance to our families and the people around us. It has been a cleansing period for everyone.

Many such thoughts made their way across my mind today then I occupied myself with the conclusion that who knows, maybe this calculated death tale will be managed soon! Who knows the real good cause of this pandemic! But one thing is for sure, this is a period that has bestowed us with the opportunity of self-reflection and composure.

“Be hopeful and always try to hew out stones of hope from the mountain of despair.”

Written by: Ariba Fida Chattha

About the writer:

I am Ariba Fida Chattha from AIMC. I am in third year MBBS hail from Kasur. I want to revolutionize the health care system by gaining a higher position in this department and my dream is to introduce an outstanding health care system in the areas of my country devoid of very basic access to health care facilities.

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