Best Tips for Creative Writing

Writing is an excellent way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings. There are various forms of writing. While some people prefer to write in the form of fiction, others write in the form of non-fiction. Writers often use characters in their stories to portray their ideas and thoughts. Needless to say, creative writing is a powerful tool that brings imagination into words and is an art in its own right.  It is not technical or academic, hence a fixed form of writing does not exist. You can write in broken phrases or prose and it’s still considered creative since it expresses your imagination. It is a tool for the most deepest and complex thoughts that are lingering in your mind.

Although creative writing might seem easy, but that is hardly true.  A lot of people are of the view that creative writing is the easiest professional field one can pursue. Well, that cannot be farther from the truth. Since it’s your feelings that you’re trying to describe, (and we all know sometimes it’s hard to describe what you feel in words) a person who is good with words is the real winner.

So to get started, here are some important tips that you need to keep in mind when embarking on the mission to write a creative piece of writing.

1. Write whatever comes to your mind

No writing is perfect at first. The key is to write whatever you feel. Even if it comes rushed into your trail of thoughts, its fine, just write it all down. Make settings, characters, scenes as many as you want, even if they’re still vague. Once you write it all down, you can always take out what’s authentic.

2. Review what you wrote at least a hundred times

They most important tip of all is to review what you wrote, again and again. The first draft cannot always be your second draft because of continuous reviewing. All the famous novels and best sellers had more than 50 drafts before the final book. Drafts are the most important part of any writing. You can always determine what you want finally after you review it a hundred times! “Write without fear, edit without mercy”

3. Leave your work for a few days

Getting a break is always the answer when you’re stuck somewhere. Your creative skills cannot always be coming up whenever you want. Sometimes you’ve got to leave it and then come back after a few days. By getting your mind off of it for few days, it’s easier to find mistakes and make progress.

4. Get feedback from others

Make others read your work, be it your teacher, your friend, or your family member. It’s always a healthy way of knowing where you lack. Remember, constructice criticism is the key to a good piece of writing.

5. Read a lot

The key to being a good writer is to read others’ work. By reading, you not only learn various writing styles but also know how to design your characters, scenes or settings. A consistent reader means a better writer.

6. Attend Workshops

Workshops are really helpful for enhancing your writing skills. Some novelists conduct workshops where they share different tips, you can learn a lot from these workshops. Workshops hold sessions that touch different aspects of creative writing that you can pick up for your own writing.

7. Be Confident

Lastly, be confident in your writing. Sometimes reading others’ works makes you feel intimidated. Nevertheless, you should think of your work as a masterpiece and be confident when presenting your work even if you think it is not good enough. Whatever it is, it is YOUR work.  Creative writing is all about being confident about expressing yourself!

By writing, you not only write about your feelings, but also get to explore them deeply. For the readers, it is like an exploration into the writer’s world based on their own imagination. By following the above tips, you can also become a great writer!

Written By: Nimra Javed

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