Choosing The Correct Writing Instrument

Writing is one of the essential chores of life. Writing can be very easy if you have found the enjoyable writing instrument to work on. Many people still use traditional writing instruments for the sake of keeping its importance alive for years, while some do it because it suits them. With technological advancements, there have been a lot of writing options for writers to equip for.

So the question arises, what instrument suits you the best? Well, writing instruments are as essential as the writing styles. A person who writes with a pencil might not be comfortable writing with a pen, or if someone types on their laptop or cell-phone might not like writing it down. It all depends on the preferences of the individual. This blog is to help you decide your correct writing instrument.                                               

History of Writing Instruments

Writing instruments have always existed since the beginning of the world. First people used to carve writings on the walls, as you see in different caves and historical places. The first writing instrument was a Stone Age axe that was used to carve on the walls.

Many years later, the ink was invented; a thin bamboo stick with a pointed tip was made to write. This is one of the earliest forms of a pen. The quill shape of the pen was designed by the Romans during the Roman Empire. The quill consisted of a pointy nib with goose feather that needed to be sharpened again and again as it wore out with writing.

A Lead pencil was introduced in the mid-16th century. The fountain pen was invented very later, in the 20th century that became the most preferable writing instrument for most of the people all around the world.

The Typewriter as a writing instrument was introduced in 1868. During that time, most of the official work was done on typewriters. Even though typewriters existed, still there were writers who would prefer writing with a pen rather than typing.

With the inventions of computers and laptops, the writing, in today’s era, is mostly done through typing. There are different softwares such as M.S Word that help writing easier and fast. Mobile phones are also used for writing as they are convenient for some people to move around and type whenever they want to.

Importance of Writing Instruments

Just as the writing style is important, the writing instrument is also important. Writing by hand, or by typing on a laptop, both can have a different effect on an individual. The importance of knowing what writing instrument suits you best can solve half of your problems easily.

When choosing what writing instrument you should have, think about which one suits you better. When using a laptop, you need to type fast in order to get your thoughts out of your mind. Usually, people who do academic writing, use laptops for the sake of avoiding grammatical mistakes, and finding resources quickly.

Notepads and notebooks are usually preferred by people who love to keep notebook collection as a hobby. Some like making notes with different color pens, highlighters, and different writing styles just for their own satisfaction, it’s easier to read notes quickly.

Journal and diaries are for personal thought that can be written down to get them off your mind. People usually write it physically or keep a journal app on their phones.

When taking lectures, it’s easier for some to jolt down important points quickly by hand, by as you might’ve seen some people prefer typing it on their laptops because of their typing speed.

Choose your writing instrument

Choosing your writing instrument is now easier as you know what type fits where for writing. If you think that you love writing things instead of typing, we would recommend using a notebook or a notepad.

If you think that your hands work faster when typing, and it’s easier for you to carry your laptop and phone around and taking it out whenever you want. Then we recommend that you use a laptop.

The best way to test what suits you is through brainstorming. Think of a topic, write or type it down, observe how your brain reacts to different styles in writing instruments, the one that made you feel satisfied to use while thinking is the right writing instrument for you!

If there are situations, for example, you like writing in your notebook, but the teacher asked you to submit a typed file to her, and then you can just write important points down on your notebook and then later copy it through typing on a document file.

Writing instruments are very essential in life, especially when your profession deals with a lot of writing work. Choosing the right one is the key to ace in your work because as long as your brain stimulates on a writing instrument, you can get your work done!

If you are forced to do something that you don’t like, you would always procrastinate, so as long as you feel comfortable with a certain writing instrument you can always get your work done in a better way.

Written By: Nimra Javed

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