How to work on our career progress?

As soon as students hear the word ‘career’, they are all ears. How many of you are keen to develop your career? Almost everyone strives to have a proper plan for their future.


Many students start searching for internships or volunteering opportunities after their O levels. This practice is worth appreciating. On the other hand, some students just become couch potatoes after they are done with their exams, I highly discourage this routine. It is crucial to be productive and not waste your time. A student, whether of life sciences, engineering, finance, or business, should develop a desire to do new and exciting stuff even if it is outside their field. It will not only enhance their knowledge but it will act as a stepping stone towards building considerable skills.

Recruiters generally look for students who have participated in extra-curricular activities and have proof of their skills. Avoid sitting idle at home and doing nothing, the world out there is full of opportunities, ‘Something is better than nothing’. Students stuck to their books restrict themselves to only their syllabus hence limiting their learning to their schooling only. The corporate world is quite different from this bookish knowledge.


How many of you are aware of the fact that skills matter? I hope many of you know this. Merely mentioning your skills on your resume while not possessing them, may disqualify your application. Websites and online courses that teach and guide students are just a click away. The most important factor in this pursuit is dedication. Many of you spend hours and hours on gaming and social media. Set your priorities and engage in pursuits that add to your list of skills and experiences.

Learn and seek experience, do not rush for money!                    

Often opportunities are knocking at your door we let them slip away because they aren’t very lucrative. If you want to hone your skills in a field then find a relevant platform and join it. Do not strive for the most monetary gain. Expand your skillset and don’t turn you back on an opportunity just because it does not pay well. People make money often but if that is your main concern you will not see any personal or professional development.

Join LinkedIn

It is an up to par professional platform. Here you can follow pages and build connections. You can discover exciting opportunities, for instance, working with a start-up as a content writer, graphic designer, social media manager, and much more. It helps you learn how to work professionally in an entrepreneurial world. You get to know about many brilliant ideas through such platforms.

What can be done in the prevailing circumstances?

Many offices are closed right now because of COVID-19. However, you can still explore web pages to find online/virtual seminars or volunteer programs. This will help you think outside the box and help you develop critical and analytical skills.

So, be quick and start building towards the development of your career.

Written by: Minahil Afzal

A former Cambridge student now pursuing business education from University of the Punjab. She loves to read and write. She is a blogger and likes to do poetry. Here is her Instagram blog link

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