Modern Parenting Requires Modern Solutions

With the emergence of tech gadgets and easy access to inappropriate content over the internet, teens are now at the mercy of their inner demons. Disastrous effects have been incorporated into the masses due to unhealthy competition prevailing in the virtual social world. Now, children are more prone to the disease named ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) because of their constant usage of social sites. It is high time for parents to shift their parenting style to save their offspring from mental disorders, anxiety attacks, low self-esteem, shaken confidence, sexual-appeal and other nefarious effects because of evil practices inspired by obscene content. Even “sexting” (the terminology used to dictate filthy conversations through messaging) can instigate a person to lose chastity which will have disastrous effects on their mentality. Parents of the current era should take the pledge that from now onwards they will limit their children’s excessive usage of social sites and will spend this time listening to their problems.

Measures that should be taken are as follows:

  •  Limit yours as well as your kids’ excessive and unnecessary usage of gadgets including cell phones, tablets and gaming devices. You should try not to provide them with full freedom to create superfluous accounts over social.  This is especially for kids just dwelling in their nourishment period.
  • Instead of facilitating them with tech-devices, entrust them with books covering on-going needs and ethical values such as books on moral values. Nowadays, books with concepts on artificial intelligence, such as neural networks are available in the market for toddlers. If your child starts learning from early childhood, he/she will excel later in the future.

Let them learn the difference between good and bad by showing them fascinating and enticing videos regarding this subject. Unfortunately, many cases of sexual abuse have been reported, completely ruining the lives of their child. Kids are more interested to adopt the culture which is being portrayed. Also, they show greater adaptability towards messages and lessons given in the visual clips. Books with pictorial teaching style having broader and easy to understand content over sexual abuse are now being published.

  • Try to avoid being in intimate and compromising postures with your spouse in front of your kids so that they won’t practice these gestures with anyone they are not entitled to do so.
  • Avoid correcting your partner’s way of bringing-up in front of your kids. Rectification must be done in isolation so that none of the parents lose their dignity in the eyes of their children. 
  • Do not teach them flawed principles. For example don’t tell them to spy on others and don’t motivate them to backbite. Refrain from cultivating flaws in their personalities. Be wary of your own actions, because it can’t be denied that every kid’s first guide is home.

These were some of the tips that must be exercised to ensure better nurturing of your children. Children are assets that must be valued more than anything. We have to be considerate while being a parent, as it requires a greater sense of responsibility. Slight negligence will produce a mentally corrupt generation; if we don’t act now, it might be too late to save them.

Written by: Anum Fatima

About the Author

A Systems Engineer by compulsion and a proficient author by passion while being adept at poetry. A wanderer seeking the purpose of birth while struggling with uncertainties bestowed by nature. 

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